Faithful to the Almighty Sock

Well, after some experimenting and some pulling out and backing up and redoing, I am past the heel on my very first sock (let me remind you, yet again I embark without using a pattern). Most recently I worked on it through the Mule and Donkey show and sale down in Liberty, Kentucky. I was actually brave enough to stick my rather impressive foot in there and was completely pleased with the outcome. It’s progressed since this photo.

Wait… ummm… how did this get in here? This doesn’t look like a sock, but it really needed to be balled up. I promise I got right back to work on the sock as soon as this was in a neat little ball!

And This? Just pretend you didn’t see it. Pretend I didn’t finish it today, and certainly don’t even consider the thought that I might even block it out tonight and sew buttons on it tomorrow. Just don’t go there. I’m totally working on the blue sock. I promise!

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