Much Excitement!!!

With much excitement, I present to you:

My very first whole skein of yarn! I bought the roving at Stone’s Throw Artisans here in Georgetown. I made it on my Ashford drop spindle after recently learning from Traci (of Silver Wheel Yarn fame). I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome, and I plan on weaving it into a scarf on my new 32″ Macomber Ad-A-Harness Loom!

The loom was a much appreciated gift from Ola Jean. She used it years ago at Save the Children, long before we worked together at Churchill Weavers. She mentioned that she had a loom when we were at the family homecoming back in July. I told her that if she ever decided to get rid of it to let me know first, and I’d be happy to buy it. The next day she called my granny and told her to let me know I could come pick it up. I didn’t know what kind of loom it was or anything- it was a total surprise!

Here you can see the loom in the back of the truck, it folds up quite nicely (unlike my Leclerc Inca Loom which has to be completely taken apart). Along with the loom, there is a nice bench with a storage compartment, two Schacht boat shuttles and a nice stick shuttle, two heddle threading hooks, extra heddles, and some other extra parts for the loom. The loom itself is in excellent condition, I couldn’t be more pleased with it. I can’t wait to get a warp on it and see how it weaves! In honor of it’s previous owner, the loom shall be named “Ola Jean.” May she weave many a fine thing.

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