Maiden Voyage

Meet the new scarf! I am sort of in love with this weaving pattern. I was worried it was a bit too ambitious for my maiden voyage on the new loom considering that I haven’t done any serious weaving since I worked at Churchill Weavers three years ago. I hit a few hitches on the first scarf I attempted, which I half (more like 75%) anticipated. I got the problems with the warp fixed pretty easily (I rolled the whole warp off in the floor in the process, to the utter delight of my cat, Linux). I really like the black warp- I was worried that the heathered purple wool wouldn’t show up too well, but as you can see it really “pops”. (The purple is good ol’ Cascade 220 from ReBelle). I’m thinking I’ll do a few more black-warp scarves, and then switch to a natural colour cotton warp and do a few more while I have the loom threaded up with this pattern.

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  1. Ahoy! If I were to set sail, surely I would set sail with that beautiful scarf wrapped around my captainy neck!

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