Life at Oxford House

I’m finally moved.

The month of January was spent making repairs to the Oxford house. Every waking hour not spent at work was spent painting, patching holes, installing shower walls, and fixing everything imaginable. Most of the work was done in freezing temperatures (the paint was frozen, the joint compound was frozen… everything was ice), no running water, electrical problems, so many little things went wrong. When finally the water was on, there were plumbing problems and the pipes had burst… but a month and a half later the hard part is over. There is much left to do, but it has been so worth it. I love the house, the location, the peace. I love walking with Molly through the fields and among the monstrous old trees. All of my furniture and belongings look like they belong in the house. It is so worth the challenge of dealing with all the little issues that come along with living in a 100+ year old house. I love breathing life back into this beautiful home.

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