Creative Escape Week

I am pretty excited- I am going to be taking next week off to get my mind back in order and devote all of my time to creative endeavors. I plan to focus on my jewelry and sewing, and also to complete a gourd project for a co-worker. I will be able to stock up on things for the festivals and get some new items listed on the ArtFire page before I get too far into the State Fair/World Equestrian Games/NAILE. Mid-September-November are going to be very hectic months in my world. Over the next week, I’m going to try not to think too far ahead about any of that work stuff and just let the creativity flow!

In other news- I just completed painting a set of ceiling tiles which will be on permanent (or until something bad happens to them) display at Pop’s Resale! Pop’s is doing a charity project in which they allow people to paint ceiling tiles for the store for a donation of the artist’s discretion, then they will donate 100% of the proceeds to a couple of charities. I teamed up with The Rough Customers, who are making the donation for the tiles in return for having a really sweet tribute to their band on display in Pop’s. I had a blast painting these, totally not my usual style or subject matter.


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