Back in the Swing of Things

It was great having a lazy Sunday yesterday, and today I am back at work for the first time in a week. I am in a far better state of mind even though the week off flew by. I didn’t quite get everything done that I was planning on, but I did manage to make some things and trash my craft room!

We are looking forward to returning to the Lexington Artist’s Market this weekend. It will be the first time that we set up with everything on the new cards and with new tags on everything (some prices reduced!). The ability to hang the earrings so neatly definitely makes the whole display look so much better. We are making an effort to organize the display by colour which makes it so much easier to find coordinating items and match that special outfit. This will also be the first weekend that I will have handbags at the artists market, and I have some other sewing projects in mind! I will post photos when I get some of *cute new project* completed!

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