Hello world!

I’ve been a busy bee as of late!  I recently “went independent” with my crafts business.  I used to be one half of “Biddy’s Beads”.  You might have seen us at the Lexington Artist’s Market.  We really had a blast this summer and made some great connections!  It was fun being part of a team, but this has been a surprisingly refreshing change- all of a sudden I don’t have to consult anyone about anything, I can make the shop look however I want, etc.

This past week, I ordered a new festival tent and some signs.  I also sent in my application for the Lexington Holiday Artist’s Market which will take place downtown at Triangle Park before and during the Christmas Parade on 26 November.  I am extremely excited about it… it will be the first even that I will be doing in the evening, so I plan on having some fun lighting up the tent!  I hope it’s not super cold… or raining.  Either way, can’t wait to see you there!

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