From Crappy Room to Crafty Room: Progress Photos

Light switch before I patched the wall.
2- Cutting away the bad plaster
It took three days and three layers of paint to cover this disaster.


Door into the room - Before (still not done as of 3-15-11)
Door to stairs/landing - Before
Closet Door - Ugly Paint - Before
Added a paper lantern to dress up the "bulb on a wire" look
Getting the furniture settled in
Molly approves of the old Ikea couches.
Stocking the Fabric, Sewing and Craft Storage area
Work table and jewelry making/small storage
Cozy work corner
Tempted to try out my new workspace... but there's lots more organizing to do!


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  1. Very nice! I’m loving the architecture of that room!! And that floor!! oh my I’d kill for that floor! My space is next 😉 I just have to convince my husband that its a craft room period and not a multi function room. hahaha

  2. Thanks Miss Penny! I wish I could re-finish the floors throughout the house. They are all in rough shape. The floor in this room is in the best condition in the whole house… and it’s pretty bad. Downstairs the wood is about like gray barnwood, which has a charm of it’s own- but I still imagine how pretty they once were. I’ve heard that the floors are wood from the property the house was built on.

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