Steampunk Costume Progress and New Artfire Listings!

I’ve been working on costumes for Matt and I to wear to the Kentucky Renaissance Fair Steampunk Weekend and wanted to share a couple of the completed items.  I’m extremely fond of my tiny hat… you would never guess that it’s made of cut up plastic from a kitty litter jug!

Steampunk Necklace
Tiny Tophat!

In other news, I just listed several new items in the Artfire shop, so be sure to pop by and check it out.  Even better- come see me at the Lexington Artist’s Market this Saturday!  I’ll be there 8am-2pm, it’s right next to the farmers market at Cheapside Park.

Czech Glass Ivy Blossom Necklace
Ivy Blossom Necklace
Dogwood Locket
Button Necklace
Dragonfly Earrings

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  1. Your work is absolutely gorgeous! I’m loving the hat.

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