a new journey

So far I am absolutely loving fall.  I am just getting over an unfortunate bout with the flu (yuck!) and am now back to being able to enjoy the outdoors.  While I was ill, I did manage to get some Etsy listings back online.  Not too much yet… but progress for sure.  Check out my shop here!  I am still sorely missing the weekly Artist’s Market.  It is always a good time, and I miss getting to hang out with Amanda every Saturday… and the Farmer’s Market, and the stone fired pizza, and the crepes….

lily of the valley bracelet

Since my last post, I’ve embarked on another journey.  I’ve set my foot down and taken control of my exercise and eating habits.  I have lost 15 pounds in the past 10 days!  I know most of that is water weight, but it’s encouraging to get results so quickly.  I am using a website/iPhone app called My Fitness Pal (Speaking of iPhones: Steve Jobs, may he rest in peace) .  MFP is a great, supportive community for anyone who wants to lose weight, recover from an eating disorder, or just keep better track of activities and food intake.  If you join, be sure to add me as a friend!  As part of this weight loss journey, I’ve been doing a LOT of walking.  I discovered that there are wonderful wooded trails right behind the building I work in!  The distillery next door (Buffalo Trace) maintains the trails which run along a creek and end with a park and the bank of the Kentucky River.  I’ve worked here for nearly 6 years and had no idea these trails existed!

Buffalo Trace Distillery's Walking Trails



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