Midsummer Update: DLC Artist’s Market Saturdays through August, and Mayfest 2012 recap

It’s been a busy summer so far at the Downtown Lexington Corporation’s weekly Artist’s Market.  This summer we have met lots of new people, survived a major heat wave, and rolled out lots of fun new pieces!   We’ve lowered the prices on some of our items, so be sure to stop by and see if that cute little wristlet or that pair of earrings you wish you had bought are still hanging around!  If you can’t make it over to Artist’s Market, we have new items (and more coming soon!) at the Bazaar on Loudon Avenue.

leather wallets from reclaimed leather

Swooping sparrows necklaces – $26 each. Want it in another color?
Just ask and we will create a custom piece while you shop.
Versatile fabric headbands and turban style headbands
Comfortable, non slip headbands are a must for summer! Modest, full coverage version available upon request (It’s also a comfortable and stylish solution for chemo patients).

Let us not forget Mayfest- it was wonderful this year despite the TORRENTIAL DOWNPOURS on Sunday.  I’m completely convinced that it will always rain on Sunday at Mayfest.  It’s happened like clockwork for the two years I’ve been there, however this year the rain started Saturday evening so I was pretty worried about my poor little $100 totally-not-waterproof tent surviving the night. This year we learned an awesome trick that saved our tent and our spirits…. POOL NOODLES!  I use the pool noodles a little differently than I’ve seen some other vendors do it, but basically you just weave them into the beams of the tent where water tends to catch.  At $1 each for 4 noodles, it was a great investment.   (P.S. – If you need an inexpensive tent, the little Swiss Gear “Smart Shade” has lasted through 2.5 years of heavy festival usage, every weekend during the summer rain or shine, and sometimes left up overnight.  It’s showing slight fabric wear in places but no real tears or frame problems.  It will probably explode into a mushroom cloud of metal frame bits and white fabric this Saturday just because I mentioned this.)  Just remember, kids: ALWAYS stake or use weights… ALWAYS.  And don’t forget your noodles!

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