Pine Knot Plaid Scarves

This past weekend marked the last Artist’s Market of the summer here in Lexington.  I can’t believe it lasted 13 weeks, it flew by so quickly.  I am going to miss seeing everyone, we met so many lovely people and bonded with our booth-neighbors.  The end of Artist’s Market, along with cool breezes at night and that occasional “autumn smell” in the air remind me that summer is almost over and autumn weather is ahead.  I am a sweater weather person, and so excited about the new sweater Matt finished for me recently (best boyfriend ever).  Knit a man a sweater and he’ll be warm, teach a man to knit and he’ll make you socks and sweaters and hats and all sorts of nice things!

I finally got the loom set up and started weaving this years line of scarves for fall and winter.  This one is an original design which I’ve named “Pine Knot Plaid”.  Something about the way the twill looks reminds me of wood grain.  I chose vintage colors that reminded me of a forest at night- the blue-green night sky, the brown of the earth and the trees, the green of the leaves and the rich yellow of the fireflies and a warm campfire.

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  1. Amazing! Love that you show how the different threads become a scarf! 🙂

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